Landlord & Tenant Services

Landlords and tenants of leasehold properties invariably have differing objectives. Increasing focus on tenants’ needs as customer’s means that achieving the “right” result at each lease stage, whatever side of the divide you may be, is a demanding process. It requires a good understanding of written agreements, sound technical knowledge, a commercially-focused approach and expertise at the negotiating table.


Dilapidations issues most commonly arise when a tenant fails to comply with its contractual leasehold obligations. The complexity of buildings coupled with the difficulty in interpreting leases has spawned countless disputes and court cases, which can make the business of determining exactly what liability exists a demanding one.

Our services include:

  • Prepare interim claim for landlord
  • Prepare terminal claim for landlord
  • Interim defence for tenant
  • Terminal defence for tenant
  • Negotiate financial settlement for landlord
  • Negotiate financial settlement for tenant
  • Negotiate scope of works for tenant
  • Monitor works for landlord
  • Break clause advice
  • General strategy advice/implementation/Section 18
  • Assessment of dilapidation liability for tenant
  • Assessment of dilapidation liability for landlord
  • Portfolio dilapidations management for landlord
  • Portfolio dilapidations management for tenant

Tenant Alterations

Tenant alterations are usually carried out under a “Licence for Alterations” – a legal document annexed to a lease which sets out the reinstatement requirements at lease expiry. Badly drafted, however, these licences can provoke some of the most significant and contentious disputes between landlords and tenants. Being established experts in dilapidations we know that dealing properly with alterations at the time they are carried out can significantly reduce the scope for dispute for both parties.

Our services include:

  • Review tenant’s proposals for landlord
  • Monitor tenant’s works for landlord
  • Submit tenant’s proposals for tenant
  • Agree licence for alterations for landlord
  • Agree licence for alterations for tenant

Condition Surveys

Condition records benchmark the condition of a property at a given date. They are used to limit landlords’ and tenants’ repairing liabilities in leased property or provide a record to enable damage to be identified when construction works are undertaken by neighbouring owners. Our depth of experience in dilapidations and party wall work provides a unique understanding of the importance of an accurate schedule.

Planned Maintenance Surveys & Programmes

Planned maintenance schedules (PMSs) identify and quantify a programme of works to a building’s fabric and services, over a number of years, to ensure that its condition/value is preserved or increased. Properly thought-out, they are indispensable to good estate management, benefitting both owners and occupiers.

Legislative Compliance

Under the current Planning & Building Regulations there are a number of areas that landlords and tenants maybe require to comply with.

Our services include:

  • Planning Applications
  • Fire Safety Certificate Applications
  • Disabled Access Certificate applications (DAC’s)

Defect Analysis & Building Pathology

Information on the structure and fabric of a building is vital to investors, commercial owners and occupiers not just before the acquisition of a property, but also during the ownership and/or occupation of the building and at the time of sale.

Our services include:

  • Pre-acquisition investor survey
  • Pre-acquisition freehold occupier survey
  • Pre-lease survey
  • Vendor’s survey
  • Portfolio survey
  • Defects analysis
  • Residential investment building survey
  • Referencing
  • Land registry compliant lease plans

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