What is a Building Consultant?

Lots of people in Ireland walk in and out of commercial buildings every day to make purchases and perform business related tasks and think nothing more of it.

That said; the people who own these companies that they’re walking in and out of have a lot more to think about, for which the services of a building consultancy are recommended.

A building consultant is a professional who helps, in both general and specific tasks, to ensure a desirable outcome for the management of a building.

This could start at the pre-planning stages before a building is even constructed. The scope of the services that a building consultant provides extends into commercial building and acquisition surveys, office design and project management, retail design and landlord and tenant services among many more.

They help to minimise risk, manage liability and help streamline the management of a building. Finding the right building consultancy to work with will ensure that your commercial building is always in safe hands.

How Much Does A Building Surveyor Cost?

There is no clear answer to what hiring a building surveyor will cost. In simple terms, a building survey is governed by size, complexity, age and condition. Ultimately the cost of a survey will come down to the complexity of the property, the size and the skill level required to make an appropriate assessment.

Surveys may be charged either by hour or by project so be sure to find out which way you’re being charged. It’s best not to put too much emphasis on budget, as it’s more important to find a professional building consultancy that you feel confident will cater to your needs.

Reasons To Use A Building Consultancy

Business managers and owners are busy individuals. Having a large building under one’s care and supervision is a daunting task for any person, especially when this kind of management doesn’t fall into their area of expertise.

Hiring the expert guidance and advice from professionals in the field can save you many unforeseen headaches and expenses later on down the road. A good consultancy company can help you with building codes, insurance issues, safety inspections and audits, renovating and forward planning, expansion and much more.

They can also help you plan for lifecycle costs of the building, keeping up with routine maintenance and helping you handle any unexpected events that may happen along the way.

Think long term about your building consultancy choice

Owning and maintaining a building is a huge investment and responsibility. Things change over time as codes are updated, flooding or other unforeseen disasters happen and offices need to be redesigned.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to keeping all aspects of your property operating smoothly. Spending time early on to find a building consultancy to meet all your current and future needs is a sure way to stay on track for a successful investment.

Choosing the best building consultancy for your business is a task that should not be rushed. Do your research and make sure you feel confident about the company you are choosing to work with. The goal is to find a beneficial relationship where you will be working together for many successful years to come.